Its official ! Now you can download our latest application for windows "QRCode" on cnet downloads website. Its free forever and if you have paid for this application anywhere then please get a refund and download this official application from c|net for free.
You can enjoy the latest release of this QRCode and we will be updating the application frequently with new features. For now, stay tuned and please follow Safeer Ahmed on twitter to get instant news for new apps and features and updates. Please like Vision on facebook to stay up to date.

Hey there guys ! So today is an unexpected day ! :) This is a surprise release for an application and it is so sudden ! Well whether it is sudden or not, this is true that you will be now provided with a free tool to create your own custom QR CODES !

Vision.Inc has surprisingly released a new windows desktop application named QRCode ! You must have seen many QR code readers and maker applications for android or ios and even for windows but for desktop, there are only few to provide such features !
QRCode by Vision.Inc allows you to create amazing QR codes and save them in three different formats. QRCode also allows you to create funky QR codes as well ! That includes EMOJI ! YES ! you can add emoji on your QR codes to make them cooler !
You can also read QR codes, if you see a QR code right on screen, and don't wanna struggle to save it then just hit the capture button of QRCode and capture live QR codes and read them ! :)

To find out more about this amazing application by Vision.Inc, visit the download page now and get it for free for a lifetime !

Textify+ is now finally available on C|net downloads page. Sorry for this late upload but there was a sudden bug found in the application which caused the app to stop the speech permanently when the user saves the audio. Now it is fixed and pretty much everything is good, the whole app is now just 3.2mb as per the old version was 16mb. The new version has alot of perks than the older version so why wait ? Go to the Textify+ section via the big button below and download the Textify+ now ! ;) 

Hurry Up !

A Big Comeback

After a long time, finally we have updated the Textify version 1.2 and now it is Textify+ v1.3.
We are pretty sure you would like this whole new interface redesigned from group up and generated to give you perfect GUI with low memory consumption as possible. The new Textify has loads of new features so to get a glimpse of all of them, visit the ''Windows" section of our website.

As the title reads, half of the dollar is just $0.50 ! So how about paying just half of dollar and get a 7 hours of hard work and courage of one person's product ! Yes i wouldn't mind paying half a dollar for something like a buildbox template ! even though people sometimes give $10 tip to a waiter ! so why not pay just $0.47 for a product ! Well i hope you guys get what i wanted to explain ! Please support me by purchasing the template !

This is what I have been talking about, we have now launched the BB templates service ! every template will have a free version as well as paid version ! and guess what, the paid price will be less than a dollar no matter which template it is ! so I will do my best to make you love the new service !

Right now, you are able to see a slideshow of the new template ! So hurry up, head to the templates menu and download the FREE version of get the paid one for as little as $0.47 only !

So, I just ordered something cool from online, soon will review it on youtube ! XD well for now I am just waiting and waiting and waiting ! By the way the keyboard I have ordered looks like this

The mouse is still a secret, will tell you after it is arrived !

Look at this beauty ! new logo revealed ! that's gonna stay for a while ! If you guys don't like it then please describe the ugly part of the logo then I will try to fix it ! :) Though it kind of looks like the alien ware logo ! :P

That's right, a good week ! seriously !
so I've been working around to make some popularity but I guess I failed in that, anyways, I always love to accept app submission requests but I do have strict rules to publish apps on play store ! Yesterday, a guy even added me on facebook so I could upload his app on the playstore, he asked me to make the icon, and I said ok, he told me to publish ASAP and I said ok and I swoosh went to my desk and started ! he said me to see the game (from some stupid online website) and I still said yes even though I just told him to put a small watermark of my bro SK STUDIO on the loading screen and he said yes and we agreed ! And when I asked him to send me screenshots and then he said me "can we continue after 3 hours" and I was like why the hell he told me to publish it ASAP! Then I told him ok we will continue after 7 hours *sarcastically* and he even agreed, so after the time, he messaged and asked me about my conditions ! I just asked him that I don't accept games which has ads so does yours have ? a he said yes mine has and if you want to upload it then upload it if not then bye bye ! And as he said, I took the path of bye bye ! So let me tell you another tale ! My first app on playstore was "Eat-O-Bust" and I obyed each and every order of the uploader (now we're partners) and I even added ads of him, not mine ! so that makes sense that you always should obey and respect the head ! That's the way you will receive respect as well ! ;) Good night !

Support me !

Hey guys, recently there have been ups and downs here at the mini head quarter of mine ! I am in need of your support ! Please support me by donating any amount you like ! I currently don't own a credit or debit card but I do have a bitcoin wallet so please send any amount you like ! The donate button is right on the home screen down in the lower right corner !


Thank you all of you guys who have supported us yet ! We have also released some great service for you guys ! So hope you people enjoy and stay positive and always support me if you can ! :) I love you all of you ! Thanks again for this wonderful achievement !


(whats new ? : Themes, Size, Help)

Hey there people ! We have released version 1.2 of our new tool for windows desktop. The new tool is named "Typing Speed Checker" as you can guess what is it by looking at the name so lets go straight into the topic.

This new tool is developed by Safeer Ahmed (me) and its just a 800 KB tool.
If you have ever wondered that your typing speed is slow or fast then just download this free tool and check your speed and get rated ;).

The tool is a simple (.exe) executable file, you just have to download it and run it, no installation is required. Its a direct run application.

The application has a black background and a simple white text overlay. You might wonder why is it black ? Because black color is represented as "no color" in pixels so no light is glowing on the black pixels and it wont bright up so less battery will be used if you're on a laptop or on a tablet. 

Some simple red and blue text overlays are used to represent the task of the specific line. For example, links will turn blue and close buttons will turn red when you hover your mouse pointer on them and when you leave their area, they will turn white again.  

The window size of the application is kept small because everyone uses different resolution types so if one has a 1080p and other has a 720p display then both can run the application without disturbing the resolution.

The application is virus free and is intended for education and fun purposes. Your typing speed will be judged by the amount of time it requires for you to write the given sentence.

We have added a help window from where you can see the whole video on how you can use this software. The help window can be accessed by right-clicking on any blank space and then choosing help from the context menu.

In version 1.2, we have now added themes option. It helps you to use the application in daylight as well as at night times. You can access themes by right-clicking on any blank space and then choosing your desired theme from the context menu.

This is a free tool, if you have paid for this software then please get a refund and download from this official site for free.

To download this application for free, click the blue download button shown above.

Introducing Nexus Creator

Start making mockups of your apps and games now with this new software developed by Vision.Inc ! You can download it for free and you can use the images for free without any watermark or requirement ! Use it on google play, samsung apps, c|net etc...

Get it from CNET!


Thank you guys from all over the world for being a huge lovely visitor.
We appreciate all of your visits and for the 10K visitors, we have now updated our website to provide you featured content right in the front so whenever we update something new, it will be right in front of you AND if you have subscribed our blog then you'll instantly get notified when something new is on the move so keep visiting us, we love visitors ! ;) Thanks again. 

We never thought that we would achieve such audience in a very short time, like a month or two ago we only had 9K visitors and just 6 months ago we had only 4-5K visitors and so within a year, without any advertising or third party source, we have gained 10,000 visitors which is huge amount so thanks alot for your support guys. ! ;)
Glow Jump

The Best Retro Theme Casual Endless Adventure Game By Vision.Inc.

Have you guys tried out our new game Glow Jump ? Hurry up and downlaod it now from google playstore ! or head to our donwloads section for Android and get the link from there ! ;) This new game is whole based on glowing retro style assets and amazing physics mechanism with time by time gravity changes ! for more, play the game and share your awesome experience with us ! This is our very first game of new year 2016 so why not make it a blast and play our awesome game !!!! ;)


Safeer Ahmed (Founder And CEO Of Vision.Inc)
I hope to achieve something as big as Light Yagami but in a positive way. Its 2016 and people are dying in interior reigions of the world and here everyone needs rights for adapting non-natural ways to live a life. Mybe we all should stick with the rules of nature instead of making our own.