New Release

As we said in our old post, the new BAM ! is coming soon ! :) Stay tuned ! It will be exclusively available for Samsung Galaxy Owners but still not yet confirmed. Maybe it become exclusive to other rich devices as well ! :) But we are sure you all will love it !
A very light-weight game with battery friendly performance.... :) Stay tuned !

And yes don't forget to get the Bloxorge The Game for free from Samsung Apps ! :)

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Please give it a try ! :D

The Update Now Officially Available On Samsung Apps

"Galaxy Specials"

We are proud to announce that the Bloxorge Update 3.0 is finally official to the owners of Samsung Devices.

The Update is fully packed with lots of great new features and guess what ! We have now added character selection.

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Limit Is Worthless Against Creativity

Lets call it a creative update of the Bloxorge The Game, the version is 3.0 which is not yet released and guess what ! The new update is whole separately created, you might have heard about the Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition which was released by Square Enix Company and they told the press that "It is whole remastered and re-created version" ! And so we have got the whole remastered version of Bloxorge The Game. We have added many, many, many more features with HD sprites and great stability improvement ! And soon you will be getting the Update in an official manner !
YES ! We said OFFICIAL ! So now its up to you to guess which will it be ! 

We have another thing to tell !!!!!! Which is a leaked Screenshot !
It is leaked because our file container was full so ! here it is !

See You Guys Later ! Bye !

New Update YES YES YES !

As you all know, we said that we will be updating Bloxorge before we release our new bam ! 
And so here it is ! Wait for the release and enjoy these preview leaked images ! 

 Character Choice !

 Updated User Interface

New Features !

Short Time, Long Discovery !

Its been a while since i thought for a NEW WINDOWS application ! But never mind, as promised, now i have been developing for Android as well ! Hope to see you enjoy my apps as they are totally free and without ads ! isnt that awesome ! most apps for android etc which are free but you still have to pay for removing ads and so you dont have to even pay for a single ad on vision android apps because they are all free and also ad free. Yesterday, while roaming around the streets was no fun at all for me... so i decided to make it fun for me myself ! As a developer speaking as a developer's perspective, we can create our own fun without anything ! I thought about each and every light, shop, men, kid, women etc as a sprite ! Haha ! Its funny ! But it was like i was roaming around a game indeed i was on the streets ! But that little trip of roaming was hilarious as there was a fat man coming towards me i made him a jiggly jelly monster in my thoughts, though he was just passing by ! And i tried to avoid him as we do in certain games ! It was a fun trip ! As i just had to buy some eggs and a bread from the shop around the corner but that 10 min trip was great ! We can create our own fun from nothing, if you are a developer, think that you are in a game or making one ! If you are a musician, think that YOU ARE A MUSICIAN ! And if you like hiking, think that the road is a mountain ! and that how it is fun ! :)

Bloxorge Kingdom

Bloxorge Kingdom invites you for a wonderful score party ! Hurry up ! Join now !

New Stuff Coming Soon !

So you must have tried Bloxorge ! well its not just the end ! soon you will get another free and awesome game ! :) we promise ! not sure which platform it will be but  we will do our best to make it multi platform !

There is a lot of ideas and creativity at the studio so be patient for the next BAM !!! :D Yet we are only releasing some minor updates for Bloxorge to make it run faster on every device ! But there will be two versions ! One for high-end devices which will include all the HD animations and graphics and one for low-end devices ! the difference will be only of HD animations and some levels ! But we wont leave the hands of those with low-end devices ! :) Wanna stay updated ? send your request to +92300-9204271 on whatsapp and you will be added for live updates ! :) stay tuned for more ! :)

Gaming Store ?

Lets talk about testing various apps and games !
There are lots of stores out there, well as a student i searched for pretty affordable prices for gadgets and so one store attracted me ! I really needed a device where i could test my creativity in cheap price and i got one for pretty great price ! I hope they (Xbox 360 Gaming Store) grow more and more and own a successful future ! :)

Successfully Updated

Yay ! Now you can download the whole new version of Bloxorge: The game 2.0 for windows as well as android and now Bloxorge: The Game is also available on SlideMe Market, give it a try...


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