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QRCode is a small two mega byte tool for windows operating system. QRCode allows you to create stunning custom QR codes and save them in your desired location in upto three different file formats (PNG, JPEG, BMP).

QRCode is very easy to use application and is completely FREE, it doesn't require even a registration to download or use it in any way you like, whether it could be online blog, social media account or your product promotion ! You can use QR codes generated in this tiny tool in any way without giving any credits. You own what you create in this application.

The settings in this application allows you to change to a different color which suits your style, customize it the way you desire ! 

 Creating QR code is so easy ! just click the CREATE button and add the text or link and click ok and voila ! Your QR code is generated ! It is a very basic tool and so easy to use even for complete beginners. It doesn't requires to set all those PRO settings which are freaking nightmare if a simple non-pro person looks at it ! Jeez !

This tiny tool also enables you to add emoji over your QR Code and gives it a funky look ! Wonder if you and your friend start chatting secret stuff and you dont wanna let others peek your sent messages or received messages then you can send your friend a QR code with a related emoji which represents your thoughts ! ;)

This simple FREE tool which is less than three mega byte is completely safe and has no any virus ! We promise you that ! If you download this from here (official site) for FREE then we promise that you wont get any spam, any virus, any adware or anything that bothers you ! :)

You can download from box.com for free ! :) Its safe so don't worry, you'll not be getting any spam or virus with this, only the product you are looking for !




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