Update 2.0

Its been a great time since we created Bloxorge but its kinda too fast to update it. The update is not minor, we have newly created the Update, deleting the old files and giving it a fresh new look.
Stay tuned for the official release.

Now Available

Bloxorge: The Game has been released for Android™, windows version is on its way. Download it now and have fun.

Technical Difficulties

Sorry for the delay, we are having some technical difficulties so that we are extending the availability date of "Bloxorge: The Game" for windows.

Bloxorge For Windows

The release date of Bloxorge™ is now confirmed for windows version (desktop), now stay tuned for the android version which is coming really soon.

Note: The windows version is not as same as Android version.
Bloxorge For Android

As you all know, we have now finally entered the world of android. And we are proud to announce our very first game "Bloxorge" for PC as well as Android. We hope, you wait for the release and enjoy at the end...

4K Special !

We have now 4000 daily visitors ! to celebrate it ! we have released the Screenix Pro version to everyone ! :) Go to our 2015 downloads page and get your copy absolutely for free !

Safeer Ahmed (Founder And CEO Of Vision.Inc)
I hope to achieve something as big as Light Yagami but in a positive way. Its 2016 and people are dying in interior reigions of the world and here everyone needs rights for adapting non-natural ways to live a life. Mybe we all should stick with the rules of nature instead of making our own.