Friday, 24 June 2016

Half A Dollar

As the title reads, half of the dollar is just $0.50 ! So how about paying just half of dollar and get a 7 hours of hard work and courage of one person's product ! Yes i wouldn't mind paying half a dollar for something like a buildbox template ! even though people sometimes give $10 tip to a waiter ! so why not pay just $0.47 for a product ! Well i hope you guys get what i wanted to explain ! Please support me by purchasing the template !
Safeer Ahmed (Founder And CEO Of Vision.Inc)
I hope to achieve something as big as Light Yagami but in a positive way. Its 2016 and people are dying in interior reigions of the world and here everyone needs rights for adapting non-natural ways to live a life. Mybe we all should stick with the rules of nature instead of making our own.