Bloxorge Update 3.5

Now the wait is over, the Bloxorge 3.5 is now released for Android as well as Windows Desktop. Now you can go to the download page hit the game ! :) The new update is packed with whole new features and amazing stuff ! Let me describe it below !

Whats New !

  • Improved user interface with customizing the buttons to make it easier for you to operate the game.
  • Added new characters, but this time, not only Bloxos, we have now added three new Bloxo cars ! You can say a Lamborghini.
  • Added new levels and new stability to them, changed some levels which caused lag.
  • Added coins support to buy new characters. Changed the system of coins via breaking the bad.
  • New support for 1080p resolution. And enabled full screen game play for windows desktop. 

The Teasers Released....

Now you can finally get the whole new look and the mechanism, which made the bloxorge and enabled it to be able to run cross platform.

Here are the links to Bloxorge 3.5 Update ! or just simply go to the downloads section and enjoy !


We all wish you guys a very happy and lovely Eid Mubarak ! May your Eid pass with blessings of Allah and keep all of you safe from evil ! ;)

Vision.Inc wishes you a great and a happy Eid Mubarak !

New Teaser Game Screen !

As you might have seen on our facebook page that one of the teaser shots of our high score was dropped and so its time for you guys to wait a little more to get the whole game ! If some of you didnt see the teaser, then here is the look ! ;)


As stated before, this month is all about updates ! so here we announce the new update of Bloxorge The game ! whole new systems and UI with new features and guess what new characters ! and we are not going to announce the features yet ! ;)

This update 3.5 is going to be the biggest update ever ! because there are whole new features and as for the windows, we have managed to reduce its size and so for every information, we have now a setup ! :D 

Stay tuned for the next update ! 

New Lineup !

Its been a while, we haven't updated anything yet ! and so now we announce the news of "NEXT" which may show up in December or may not ! we will update the "SHOW-UP" news after a while because, here we are working hard to make you guys more attracted to our NEXT lineup ! 

In October, we will be busy for a while and so in March 2016 ! But, between these months, we will do our best to release our next Line up ! and will update Vision to make it even great ! ;) 

We will catch up with you guys very soon and in the next post, we may reveal the next lineup ! so stay tuned for that !

Safeer Ahmed (Founder And CEO Of Vision.Inc)
I hope to achieve something as big as Light Yagami but in a positive way. Its 2016 and people are dying in interior reigions of the world and here everyone needs rights for adapting non-natural ways to live a life. Mybe we all should stick with the rules of nature instead of making our own.