Friday, 24 June 2016

A good week

That's right, a good week ! seriously !
so I've been working around to make some popularity but I guess I failed in that, anyways, I always love to accept app submission requests but I do have strict rules to publish apps on play store ! Yesterday, a guy even added me on facebook so I could upload his app on the playstore, he asked me to make the icon, and I said ok, he told me to publish ASAP and I said ok and I swoosh went to my desk and started ! he said me to see the game (from some stupid online website) and I still said yes even though I just told him to put a small watermark of my bro SK STUDIO on the loading screen and he said yes and we agreed ! And when I asked him to send me screenshots and then he said me "can we continue after 3 hours" and I was like why the hell he told me to publish it ASAP! Then I told him ok we will continue after 7 hours *sarcastically* and he even agreed, so after the time, he messaged and asked me about my conditions ! I just asked him that I don't accept games which has ads so does yours have ? a he said yes mine has and if you want to upload it then upload it if not then bye bye ! And as he said, I took the path of bye bye ! So let me tell you another tale ! My first app on playstore was "Eat-O-Bust" and I obyed each and every order of the uploader (now we're partners) and I even added ads of him, not mine ! so that makes sense that you always should obey and respect the head ! That's the way you will receive respect as well ! ;) Good night !

Safeer Ahmed (Founder And CEO Of Vision.Inc)
I hope to achieve something as big as Light Yagami but in a positive way. Its 2016 and people are dying in interior reigions of the world and here everyone needs rights for adapting non-natural ways to live a life. Mybe we all should stick with the rules of nature instead of making our own.