Bloxorge: The Game For Windows

Bloxorge For Windows 3.5

Basic Introduction

"Bloxorge: The Game" is actually based on physics mechanism used in the most great games of all times. Bloxorge is based on a physics including velocity and inside the velocity, most objects are designed with linear velocity. 

The Story

Bloxorge is about a world of bloxos who are rich and royal, some are very rich and some are even royals of the bloxorge kingdom. Once, there lived a bloxo who was very poor in the society of royals and rich bloxos. He was always bullied by his rich and royal bloxo mates. One day, he declared that he will gain the same respect and dignity in the society he was living in, and so for that, he jumped in the Bloxorge Maze, which was yet known as an impossible route to ever complete. Everyone was amazed with his this act. And so, the bloxo is now stacked in the maze and you are the poor and brave bloxo who will gain respect and dignity by completing the distance one has ever covered. You share the distance with your fellows and they may appreciate you.

"Bloxorge: The Game"
Update 3.5 (22.7 MB)


Whats New !

The new update includes whole new level designs and performance improvements with newly added coins support and new players to buy. With some UI designs improvements and some phsics advancement. And now Bloxorge supports 1080p resolution.




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