Saturday, 25 July 2015

Creativity All Inside

Limit Is Worthless Against Creativity

Lets call it a creative update of the Bloxorge The Game, the version is 3.0 which is not yet released and guess what ! The new update is whole separately created, you might have heard about the Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition which was released by Square Enix Company and they told the press that "It is whole remastered and re-created version" ! And so we have got the whole remastered version of Bloxorge The Game. We have added many, many, many more features with HD sprites and great stability improvement ! And soon you will be getting the Update in an official manner !
YES ! We said OFFICIAL ! So now its up to you to guess which will it be ! 

We have another thing to tell !!!!!! Which is a leaked Screenshot !
It is leaked because our file container was full so ! here it is !

See You Guys Later ! Bye !

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