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How To Solve (.dll) Files Missing Error

How To Get Through From Dll Files Missing Errors In Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10


Well, the first release of Microsoft Windows on 20th Nov 1985 was a  bit hit and so when the new era or Windows Games and apps was in trend, many people started having errors and problems due to the    pirated versions and junk files. People  hesitate to pay for the official  software  and games and so indeed they try the  risky way which is called " Torrent ". Its not bad though, but you need to be stay secured and conscious by yourself. From the release of Windows XP on 25th Oct 2001, these types of Dll errors were growing more and more from the release of Windows. And it all began with junk files, viruses, pirated stuff and many illegal software installed and used on more than one million machines. 


So you are probably searching for solutions when you got Dll missing error when you tried installing your favorite game or software. We have a simple solution for most of the programs.


What you need to do first is " SCAN " your computer for any errors or viruses or spyware etc...
Most of us now have Windows 7 / 8.1 or 10 installed on our systems so these all versions have some automatic problem solving feature which finds and fix most problems while scanning so make sure you " SCAN " it full.
But if you think scanning will waste your time and wont work as you are trying to install Assassin's Creed Unity or Watch Dogs or GTA V ! Don't worry, some people also had problems with our Bloxorge Game for Windows as they were having the same DLL missing errors...
If you have any unwanted app installed, please make sure you uninstall it only if it is not in your use or it is linked with windows default operations. So " SCAN " your computer and uninstall unwanted apps and that may solve your problem after restarting your PC freshly. If you still got that problem after trying this solution, then head to the second attempt. 


After the first attempt you did and no hope even after that, here we have a better solution for that (especially for games).
These types of dll errors always happen when you have no appropriate software installed on your PC or your current version is outdated. So the second attempt is all based on completing the requirements of the game/software you are installing and getting dll error from. Requirements are not only just the hardware and windows version but the software installed on the windows. Many beginners just try to insert the game media disc and try to double click setup on there new PC which is not even configured correctly, and i am pretty sure you are not one of them. So many games require DirectX sound drive by Microsoft which is not pre-installed on Windows and so you have to do it manually though latest windows version like 7 / 8 / 10 has built-in feature which downloads and installs required drivers automatically. If this second attempt is not working then head to the third attempt. It may solve your problem eighty percent.


Third attempt is all based on programming named tools but don't worry you don't have to do any. Many software require some C++ tools by Microsoft. You may have heard of Fantasia painter for Windows which require many C++ setups to work correctly. And so here is the most working solution, install Microsoft Visual C++ x86 / x64 both. Many software and games require Visual C++ Tools to run and so if these tools are not installed , they give DLL missing errors. So try to Download and install Microsoft Visual C++ x86 & x64 both from Microsoft's website. And frameworks are also important like if one game / software is built on Dot Net Framework 3.5 then you should install Dot Net Framework 3.5 on your computer and if it is like 2.0 then vise versa. If you cannot install Framework 2.0 etc then head to your control panel > turn windows feature on/off > select Dot Net Framework 3.5. Then you will be able to install the Framework. And then you are all set. If this doesn't solves your problem then head to the final attempt.


Final attempt includes all the things which you may not wnat to do but it is far best solution which solves almost 90% of your problems including DLL missing errors. The final attempt is all based on formatting. what you have to do in this attempt is you have to install a newer version of windows which is up to date and install it on your machine freshly and while installation format your C:\ drive where windows is going to be install. Make sure you delete all the junk files from your other drives to not give error in future. And so you are all set then. Enjoy your new PC without any errors or problems.


Download Microsoft DirectX 11  
Official From Vendor's Website

Download Microsoft Visual C++
Official From Vendor's Website


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